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Frequently asked questions

Where were you published?

Here are the papers:

How many tutees have you had?

To date? 4. But they all had particular needs that were specific to them. One had moved countries, so there were some particular foundational elements tht were shaky or just non-existant. The rest had all been in the foster system at some point, and mostly my work was building confidence. Only one so far has taken a GCSE exam following my tutelage. She did better than expected with a level 4.

When are you available for lessons?

Once the children go back to school, I'll be available from 3pm weekdays, and all day weekends.

What are your qualifications?

I have a Bachelors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. I also have 6.5 A-Levels (no, you didn't read that wrong), in Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, General Studies and French. All were A grades, apart from Further Maths, in which I attained a B. The AS level (the .5 above) was a stand alone AS in the Use of Maths. I got the AS in the same year I took all my GCSEs, apart from Maths which I had obtained a year early and achieved an A*. 12 GCSEs including 3 languages.

What are you? Some sort of swot?

If you like. I prefer to think of myself as hard working and presented with great opportunities by my High school.