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About Me

I'm Emma, a published scientist and the answer to all your core subject exams woes.

English, Maths or Science getting you down? Sit up straight and allow me to guide you through .


I first got into this business because a friend of mine had a foster daughter. She was struggling with Maths. They had access to a pot of money that they were able to use for tutoring.

My friend knew I had plenty of Maths qualifications (and almost boundless patience), and asked me if I would tutor her daughter. I agreed, and it was some of the most fulfilling work I have ever done

And the best news was that she went from the equivalent of a D to the equivalent of a C! She was thrilled, because her goal had been to never have to do Maths lessons EVER again and now she  never would!

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How It Works



  • Then I'll send you a Past Paper which you will try your very best with.


  • I will identify where your weaknesses are, and we'll start with a  focus on those areas

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I actually enjoy Maths now!

Gemma H.